A licensed massage therapist + a piercer?

Tabitha Garcia aka Stabby Tabby

There were several services that we wanted to incorporate into the mix at Public Image. Massage was one and piercing was another. Little did we know we would meet Ohio native Tabby Garcia who has done both for years. Here's a little intro to someone who does two very different jobs equally well.

Name: Tabitha Garcia (StabbyTabby)

License Held: Massage Therapy/ Body Piercings

Years in the Industry:10

Best Way to book an appointment with me: text me at 602-699-2803

Instagram page: @tabbykatpiercing 

3 Favorite Movies: Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, Inglorious Bastards, Devil's Rejects

3 Favorite Magazines: Photography, Tattoo and Geography 

3 Favorite Shows: Weeds, Sunny in Philly, Family Guy

3 Favorite Local Restaurants: The Stand, The Giant Rustic Pizza, Duzos 

3 Favorite bands or artists to play your birthday party: Keller Williams, The Walkers, Dirty Heads

Band/artist you never want to hear at Public Image: Beyoncé

Celebrity you'd most want to have make an appointment with you: Johnny Depp

3 words to describe yourself: Resilant,  Firecracker, Resourceful 

Favorite product you use on clients: 

Favorite style tip to pass along to clients:

Birthday: May 11th 

Zodiac Sign:Taurus 

Pets: Dog-sparkles Cat- BooBooKitty

Favorite Season:Summer

Favorite thing you enjoy doing with friends outside of work: swimming

If we went to Happy Hour, you'd order: anything with rum

Favorite local place you'd buy a gift for a friend: Zia Records