Public Image is always on the lookout for talented, reliable, diverse, creative, and personable licensed stylists, barbers, nail techs, estheticians, massage therapists and other possible partners who have  a strong or growing clientele.


Public Image is looking for independent contractors looking to rent space in a nurturing, friendly, comfortable, and supportive environment with other like minded, skilled artisans working on mastery of their respective crafts.


333 Easrt Roosevelt Street located on the ground floor of Roosevelt Point luxury apartment complex on Roosevelt Street and 4th Street. Our building hosts 634 tenants , is 100% occupied, features residents from 22 nations around the globe, and is part of the most heavily populated block in the entire valley. Including our neighboring complexes, we have over 2000 residents living within 1000 yards of our doors.


We currently have barber, nail, and stylist stations available.as well as sharing two of our treatment rooms right now.


We created this space because we recognized individual suites were not for often sterile and boring. Chains salons, neighborhood chop shops, resort spas, and the likes have their place. We just wanted to create a space with a vibe where people enjoyed coming to be pampered. 


Please text 623.247.7647 to arrange an appointment to tour the shop and see what Public Image has to offer