Haircuts For The Homeless

Our Partnership with Trevor's Vision

We often are forwarded videos of industry folks with milk crates and a generator on social media giving haircuts in city parks or street corners. We believe the less fortunate of our community deserve better.  Everyone who gets cut by us  deserves the same level of service, dignity, and respect a famous actor, city leader, or one of our close friends receives at Public Image.

When we first opened our doors in November of 2015, we gathered our industry friends from around the valley  for a 3 hour Black Friday event where we cut 50 people and fed 200. The following year, we cut 50 more and fed 450 with the help of our neighboring restaurants. A patron, who works with the homeless, reminded us, "It's  easy to remember those less fortunate during the holidays. The challenge comes in helping them the rest of the year when many others  forget that we still have people living on our city's streets." Soon after those words, we were introduced to Trevor's Vision.

Trevor's Vision is a small non-profit organization that focuses on meeting the needs of the homeless in the Phoenix area. They support our local homeless by providing meals, clothing and other needed human services. This small group of tireless volunteers rely solely on the generosity of others to accomplish its  mission. Please know that 100% of every dollar you donate to Trevor’s Vision goes directly to our homeless friends in need. There are zero operating costs as the organization is run entirely by volunteers out of their respective homes, We take your donation very seriously.

We gladly accept anything from cash to food, supplies/cooking equipment, or simply your time to help serve those in need. We couldn’t do what we do without your generosity. 

Public Image's monthly event in conjunction with Trevor's Vision takes place at our space on the 2nd Thursday evening of each month, Trevor's Vision feeds folks each Thursday night from 5 to 7 just up the street from us at Grace Lutheran. After dinner, they walk to our shop beginning at   7pm until all haircuts are finished, (Typically between 9 and 10.)  This event is  reaffirming our mission statement. We are artists pampering humanity. 

We believe we do some things to put a roof over our head and other things so we can sleep at night.

How To Help

Trevor's Vision is a non-profit. This makes any donations tax deductible.

In addition to monetary donations to continue feeding the homelsss weekly, new socks are always in need and can be dropped off any time at Public Image