Two Important Ladies

Brand Manager ALY HAGGE


Typically the first impression someone has when walking into Public Image, is a direct reflection of our brand manager who greets each person. She's an amazing multi-tasker and handles it all seemingly effortlessly. Not only does she help the owners with everything from inventory, meeting reminders, campaigns and marketing opportunities with the community but each Style Tribe member can utilize her. Aly is always grabbing a patron a coffee next door at Jobot, sanitizing brushes, coordinating our social media, sweeping for someone, and much, much  more.

STEPHANIE the Queen of Clean


We're tried many companies big and small. Nobody every kept our space nearly as well cleaned, sanitary, and looking as nice as Stephanie does. She brings a smile to everyone's face, Some may say she's the least important, but we view her at as the foundation that everything else is built upon.